How to Make Brushing Teeth a Fun Activity for Kids

As a responsible parent, you know that toothbrushing is essential for the oral health of children. Unfortunately, from the moment you start brushing baby’s teeth to when they can finally do it on their own, you will find the little ones resisting and complaining. Most of the time, they will get very creative and make all sorts of excuses to skip part of the routine.


Encouraging your children to practice proper oral hygiene is often a challenge, but do not give up! Here’s some tips on how you can make brushing their teeth a fun and engaging activity.



1. Pick the Right Tools

Choose a toothbrush that your little one will love. Most children will like a colorful toothbrush, but do not just focus on the look. Make sure as well that it is ergonomic and easy to use. Make sure the toothbrush has a small handle and solid grip, so it is easy to hold. An ultrasonic electric toothbrush might be exactly what you're looking for. Because it is easy and comfortable to use, this may be what will encourage your child to brush their teeth regularly.


Another reason why children despise brushing is their toothpaste. Change their perception by introducing a toothpaste they will like. Pick one with flavors that will tickle their taste buds, such as bubble gum or fruit. Nonetheless, make sure that the ingredients are chemical-free or non-toxic. Also, once they are at the right age, make sure that the toothpaste contain age-appropriate fluoride to help prevent tooth decay.


2. Make it Playful

Most kids will find brushing their teeth a boring activity, even if it is crucial for their dental health. One of the best ways to make it more entertaining is to add music. Play their favorite song in the background and dance with your kid while brushing.


Remember that most children look up to their parents - you are their model. Therefore, they tend to mimic most things you do. If you want to encourage them to brush their teeth, do it with them. Not only will it make kids more excited, but it's also a good opportunity to bond with your little one and teach the proper way to brush their teeth.


Role-playing can be an effective way to make brushing teeth more entertaining. Act as if you are both cartoon characters while brushing teeth or pretend like you are superheroes, and the toothbrush holds your magical powers. The enemies are in the mouth, and the only way to beat them is to brush them off. 


3. Reinforce their Habit Outside of the Bathroom

By rewarding children for positive behaviors, including those that promote better oral health, you are reinforcing a habit. They will be compelled to do something when there is a reward that waits for them. However, the reward does not have to be anything grand… and they should not be sweet treats, either! It can be as simple as a stamp or sticker. You can also give them a reward once a week for completing their brush times, such as extra screen time or a trip to the park.


An effective way to teach children the basics of brushing and reinforce their habit is to use toys. Let them practice on stuffed toys or animals. It will not only teach them basic brushing techniques, but it will also normalize the habit. As they clean the imaginary teeth of their toys, explain why they must do so. Let them know the consequences of ignoring their dental health, and this might compel them to brush their teeth.



In sum, proper oral hygiene is one thing every child must learn. Among others, one of the most important is brushing their teeth regularly. It doesn't have to be a challenge anymore! Make it engaging and fun by giving them a kid-friendly toothbrush, choosing a naturally flavored toothpaste, adding music to the routine, and playing around.