How to wake up my child smoothly?


It’s true that mornings can be a great source of stress as a parent, especially if your child is not a morning lover. But don’t worry, there are a few easy strategies that you can put in place to begin enjoying waking up your little one, even on a school day!

The very first thing you can do is create an ideal environment for a smooth awakening. To do so, open the shutters and curtains or use a sunrise simulator in order to change the lightning of the room. A child needs to associate sun and light with waking up as well as night and darkness with sleep. It is better to bring progressively the light into the room, so they get their eyes used to the change of luminosity.

In a second time, you can also play your child’s favorite song, so they get excited to get out of bed! Try to play a positive music with a strong beat to put them in a good mood. It can even motivate you to start the day! However, try not to let them watch television because it could be a great source of conflict. It will not necessarily wake them up and it will be more difficult to have their attention back.

Also try to set the example by being fully awake when entering your child’s room in the morning. You will have more patience and more energy to take care of your little one. By getting out of bed 20 to 30 minutes before your child, you allow yourself some time to enjoy the new day and maybe turn on the coffee machine!

Avoiding stress in the morning can also be anticipated. By establishing a night and a morning routine, you make sure that everything is done smoothly. Choose your child’s clothes before going to bed for example, so you don’t have to ask yourself this question in the morning; put your child to bed early so they don’t feel tired when waking up and throughout the day.  Of course, you don’t need to follow a schedule strictly, but a child needs reference points, especially at a young age, and mornings are no exception to the rule!