Contest Rules


Contest Rules


      1. The contest is organized by bblüv group, Chimparoo and The Mumsie (hereinafter ''organizers of the contest''). The contest will be taking place from August 7th 2023 (2pm, EST) to August 14th 2023 (4pm, EST) (hereinafter ''the duration of the contest'').


  1. The contest is admissible to anyone. 


  1. To participate, the person must fill the contest's entry form, follow both Instagram pages and comment under the Instagram post.

Participation to the contest is free and without purchase obligation. The person who signs up for the contest agrees to signing up to bblüv's newsletter and to receive an email and/or a welcome text message. It is possible to unsubscribe at any time.


One (1) Mumsie, One (1) Stretchy Wrap from Chimparoo and a 75$ gift card from bblüv. Prize value is 350.00$.

All that is not described above is to be borne by the winner.

The prize is non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be surrendered for cash.


Winners are determined by a random draw among all admissible participations received throughout the duration of the contest in the offices of the organizers of the contest in Montreal.

The prize draw will take place on August 15th 2023 at 12h30 pm (EST) during an Instagram/ Facebook Live on the bblüv page.


During the day following the reception of the winner's contact details, the organizers of the contest will send the prize by post.


To be declared as winner, the randomly selected participant will have to comply to the following conditions:

Give their contact address to the contest organizers by email within four (4) days following the draw.

Be reachable by email or by phone by the organizers of the contest within four (4) days following the receiving of the contact details.

Confirm that they comply to the admissibility conditions and other requirements of these contest rules.

Failure to comply with one of the conditions mentioned above or any other condition mentioned in these contest rules disqualifies the selected participant and, at the discretion of the contest organizers, the giveaway will be cancelled or a new draw will take place in conformity with the contest rules until a new winner is selected and declared winner of the prize. The same conditions will remain applicable while making the necessary adjustments, if necessary.

Disqualification. Anyone taking part in this contest or attempting to take part in it through means contrary to the contest rules or of an unfair nature toward other participants (i.e. using participation coupons obtained in fraudulously, signing up beyond the allowed limit, hacking, using voting groups or proxies) will be automatically disqualified and could be signaled to relevant judicial authorities.

Limitation of liability. Should the contest organizers  be unable to give away the prize as described in the contest rules, they reserve the right to give away a prize of a similar nature and of equivalent value or, at their discretion, the value of the prize in dicated in the contest rules.

Limitation of responsability: use of the prize. The winner will not hold liable the contest organizers or the persons for whom the contest is being held in the case of damages, prejudices or losses they might be subjected to due to their participation to the contest, accepting and/or using the prize. The winner recognizes that from the reception of the message confirming their prize, the execution of the obligations related to the prize become the entire and exclusive responsability of the different providers of products and services. The winner of a prize recognizes that the only warranty applicable to the prize is that of the manufacturer.

Limitation of responsability: Facebook. The participants recognize that the Facebook website is not the property of the contest organizers and is not operated by them, and that they submit to Facebook's terms of service. The personal information collected in the context of the contest are for the sole use of the contest organizers and will not be communicated to Facebook in any way. Facebook is not associated to the contest and does not sponsor it in any way.

Modification of the contest. The contest organizers reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to cancel, end, modify or halt, in whole or in part this contest, should an event or human intervention capable of altering or influencing the administration, the security, the impartiality or the operation of the contest as planned in the contest rules. They may not, in any way, be held responsible.

Autorization. By accepting the prize, a winner autorizes the contest organizers and their representants to make use, if required, of their name, photography, image, voice, place of residence and/or declaration relative to the prize without any compensation for advertizing purposes.

Decision. Any person participating in this contest agrees to adhere to the contest rules and to the final decision without appeal of the contest organizers.

The winner must be able to give a valid shipping address.