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My baby LOVES this! When I bring her toothbrush she gets super excited and immediately opens her mouth waiting for the brush to come. Which means she's sitting there waiting for a whole minute with an open mouth until I come with the toothpaste and a glass of water!

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I'm very scared of cutting my baby's nails

Did you know that you should not cut a newborn baby's nails until they are hardened and peeled off from...

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What is good parenting & good childcare?

This is an excellent and difficult question to answer.  However it deserves to be answered because it's bblüv's fundamental purpose....

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Baby won't sleep, what can I do?

We are often ask this question: "My baby won't sleep, what can I do?". This question is often followed or...

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Baby and exposure to the sun

Parents often ask me about the suggested ways to protect their baby's skin from the sun's rays. We know that...

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