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My baby LOVES this! When I bring her toothbrush she gets super excited and immediately opens her mouth waiting for the brush to come. Which means she's sitting there waiting for a whole minute with an open mouth until I come with the toothpaste and a glass of water!

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How to Prevent Respiratory Infections in Your Family

 The respiratory infection period is in full swing in our homes. Paper tissue companies see their sales skyrocket and dark...

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The Beneficial Effects of Skin-to-skin Between A Parent and Their Baby

The magical effects of skin-to-skin between a parent and their baby What do we mean by skin-to-skin? For a newborn,...

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How to Make Brushing Teeth a Fun Activity for Kids

As a responsible parent, you know that toothbrushing is essential for the oral health of children. Unfortunately, from the moment...

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Kindergarten… the moment when you must learn to let (them) go

The subject of back to school seems to be everywhere in recent days and it's not surprising! This is quite...

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