Püre: Replacement HEPA+ Filter



Certified HEPA+ filter with activated carbon and ionizing technology that removes up to 99.7% of allergens and pollutants. The use of a HEPA+ filter is particularly recommended for people with breathing allergies and breathing problems.

  • The HEPA filter with activated carbon removes up to 99.7% of allergens and pollutants including mold, bacteria, mites, viruses, smoke, chemical gases, odors, pollen and pet dander
  • Reduce exposure to indoor allergens and asthma triggers
  • HEPA+ Filters particles as small as 0.3 micron
  • Activated carbon: Absorbs polluting gazes and odor with its microporous structure
  • Easy to install and replace, the filter lasts up to 12 months
  • Recommended for the surface of a child’s room
  • Dimensions (inches): 3 Ø x 1.4
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