Discover the Baby Thalasso treatment

Discover the Baby Thalasso treatment

Discover the Baby Thalasso treatment

The experience of Thalasso baths for babies

Increasingly in vogue, the Thalasso Baby Bath represents a new care for newborns. Far from being a simple hygienic bath, this unique technique brings its share of benefits for the whole family!

For new parents:

  • Unique moment to live with your baby: It's like a window into baby's intrauterine experience.
  • Contributes to the proper start of breastfeeding: May even present a possible solution in case of latching difficulties.
  • Spectacular photo shoot: This is an opportunity to capture your baby in a state of pure well-being.
  • Learning calming methods: Through the teaching of mobilization and massage methods for the parents!

For your newborn:

  • Relive in calm the passage of birth: Can even help release some tension.
  • Improved sleep: By soothing the nervous system of your little one.
  • Offers a moment of relaxation baby: An opportunity to curb the storage of new experiences in favor of a break in his past universe.

For the whole family:

  • The Thalasso bath is a magical experience that promotes a bond between all members of your family.

This treatment is being carried out by certified practitioners. It uses the soothing virtues of water to accompany baby in a state of deep relaxation. Safely immersed in an adapted bathtub, your baby will have the chance to mobilize his body to relive his first universe, that of his mother's womb.  One of the important things is to monitor the temperature of the water which, like that of the amniotic fluid, must remain both stable and adequate for the well-being of the infant. Aquatic movements, the movement of water and jets as well as the warmth of the water will be combined to provide a unique experience for your baby and you.

The experience goes even further with the addition of a massage session for baby. The practitioner will pursue baby in his physical and emotional relaxation with different methods. What is particularly interesting is the involvement of parents throughout the care. This is an opportunity to learn different strategies to meet your baby's comfort needs.

Special info bubble:

It was during the set-up of the Thalasso room that I literally fell in love with the Orä thermometer! This tool literally allows you to put everything in place to accurately ensure baby's comfort. One click and hop, water temperature measurement. Another click and hop, I make sure the room is at the right temperature. One click and hop, I am informed of baby's body temperature both in the water and during the massage.

In addition to its versatile use during Thalasso baby care, my 5-in-1 infrared thermometer serves me every day during my nursing consultations. Temperature of the baby, mom with very little handling but maximum precision. Warm breast milk to offer an LAD or a bottle... Orä assures me of a perfect temperature of the liquid to avoid burning baby. Do not be fooled by its small size, this tool is one of the most versatile in my clinic!

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Marie-Ève Brouillette

Perinatal nurse clinician
IBCLC lactation consultant

Sein Biose


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