5 Reasons Our High Chair Is Perfect for Your Baby

5 Reasons Our High Chair Is Perfect for Your Baby

5 Reasons Our High Chair Is Perfect for Your Baby

5 Reasons Our High Chair Is Perfect for Your Baby

Your little one’s growing and showing signs she’s ready for some food.  Get her culinary journey started off on the right foot with tasty, healthy options.

Whether you’re going the traditional route of mashes, purees, and compotes–

Or jumping in head first with baby-led weaning….

One thing’s for sure. You need a high chair.

But you don’t want any generic high chair. You need the best high chair for your babe.  You want the safest high chair available that’s going to *make your life easier*.

How do you even begin to decide?

Look for these important qualities in a high chair:

  • Safety above all else
  • Comfortable for your tike
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and built to last
  • Made for fun

Read on to see why our Gröw  is the best high chair for your baby.


Safest High Chair On the Market

As a parent, what’s your number one concern? The safety of your child.

Safety is our top priority, too.

It’s time for your baby to transition from eating in your arms to eating in a high chair.

You need one that’s as concerned about your kiddo’s safety as you are.

Never worry about your babe falling out of her high chair. Take any thoughts of her climbing over the back out of your head. Slipping out of the bottom? Not gonna happen.

We take safety seriously and designed this high chair with that in mind.

Rest assured that your baby will be safe with the 5-point harness system. She’s secured from all angles – making it impossible to fall out.

Worried about your little MacGyver that can bust out of anything? Not with this high chair.

The double-locking clip will keep even the sneakiest escape artist in place. Trust us, she’s not going anywhere.

You know the   will keep your precious baby safe and strapped in. But there’s another important safety feature to ease your mind.

You’re baby’s going to be eating off this thing. Sure, you might have a second to put a dish or two down. But some days, you’ll slap her snacks right onto the tray and not think twice about it.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you. The tray and all other parts – because you know babies like to explore with their mouths are made with non-toxic materials.

Your baby will be safe from the inside out.


Comfortable High Chair = Comfortable Baby

Transitioning to solid foods can be a hit or miss. Sometimes babies chow down on anything put in front of them. Others turn their nose up at anything new.

Babies are unique, but they have this in common: An uncomfortable high chair is going to make meal times a WHOLE lot worse.

The   high chair is built for lasting comfort for the infant through toddler years. The padded cushion will keep your babe comfy in the chair.

Don’t stress about growing pains. The adjustable design adapts to your child’s changing body. With six different setups, you’ll never have to worry about your baby squishing into a too-small high chair.

They’ll stay comfortable as they grow.

You’ll be happy knowing they’re happy.


The Best High Chair Is Easy to Clean

Wow, are babies messy?!

Babies are messy by themselves. Throw in some avocado or spaghetti and it can get downright nasty. Ever spilled milk on fabric? Some smells never go away. 🤢

If there was ever a place where you needed it to be easy to clean – it would be your high chair.

The high chair takes the brunt of endless messes and spills. You need it to get clean. And you need it to be easy.


  easy-to-clean design can handle even the messiest eaters.

First, the tray. The high chair’s tray holds all the sloppy, gunky, wet, and crumby.  Traditional trays are hard to clean. You try to wipe it down and all the slop ends up on the floor – or your shoes.

The Gröw’s tray is fully detachable. Take it off and scrape away all the mess. Even better – after you scraped it down, pop it right into the dishwasher. Our dishwasher-safe tray won't melt, warp, or bend.

Next up, the seat. The tray’s not the only thing feeling the mess. Babies drop and spread food everywhere they can touch.

Enjoy a wipeable, non-absorbant seat. Got an extra tough mess? The detachable seat pops right off, just in case you need to hose it down.

Last, the floor. Babies are experts at taking food from the high chair and dropping it on the floor. The last thing you need is a heavy, clunky high chair that’s impossible to move so you can clean up the mess.

Gröw’s lightweight design makes it easy to move from one place to another. Plus, it’s space-saving, so even if you’re in tight quarters, you can find a place to stash it while you do the cleanup.

Finally, a high chair that can take whatever your babe throws – or spills, wipes, or spits – at it.


Gröw Is Built to Grow and Last

Kids are rough. When was the last time you bought something only to find it broken after the first few uses?

Not here. Gröw  has solid, durable materials that can withstand even the most active tots.

The high chair’s durability lasts for years. The design grows with your baby. Start with the high chair and tray combo. Then move through the booster seat, toddler seat, and step stool. As your little one grows, her needs change.

Whatever developmental stage your baby’s in, the Gröw is there to help.


A High Chair That’s Made for Fun

Who says high chairs have to stay in the kitchen? Maybe traditional high chairs.

But Gröw  is so much more than a traditional high chair.

  • The easy-to-clean design is the perfect place for paints and messy crafts.
  • Keep all the toys in one place on the tray.
  • Take the tray off for unrestricted play with siblings or pets.
  • Use the toddler seat at toy tables.

All while keeping your babe safely strapped in so you don’t have to worry about falls.

Gröw grows and goes with your baby. Use it whenever you need a safe sitting place. Stop searching for the best high chair. The perfect high chair for your baby is right here with Gröw. 

Struggling with baby-lead weaning versus purees? Check out this blog post for some suggestions.



  • I bought this chair last August when my baby was almost 5 months I use the chair for her breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s a nice quality chair but the screws are not holding any more. I have to keep screwing every time before I put my baby to sit in the chair.

    Priscila on

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