How Does Babywearing Benefit Your Baby?

How Does Babywearing Benefit Your Baby?

How Does Babywearing Benefit Your Baby?

How Does Babywearing Benefit Your Baby? Here Are 7 Ways

Motherhood is one of the greatest joys of our lifetime. After carrying your baby 24/7 for nine months, you can’t help but feel alone and empty once your baby’s made their grand entrance.

Your baby’s here and you couldn’t be happier. But you still can’t shake the feeling like you’ve lost a part of yourself. Craving that close, unexplainable connection you felt while you were still pregnant? Babywearing can help you keep the prenatal connection you had with your baby.

Besides that, babywearing has other benefits, too. Read about the benefits of babywearing for your baby and learn why you should start today.


Babywearing Promotes a Parental Bond

You’re missing the closeness you felt while you were pregnant.Your baby misses that bond, too.

All your baby’s ever known has been a connection with you. Now the intimate connection isn’t there.

But it can be.

Babywearing keeps your baby tucked in tight. Constant touch mirrors the togetherness your baby is used to.

You can try it with clothes on or practice skin-on-skin. Either way, your baby will feel your bodies together; feel your comforting heartbeat.

You can start babywearing from day one – you and your baby don’t have to feel the sting of separation. There’s no place your baby would rather be than right with you – as close as possible.

You can recreate the loving connection that broke once your baby was born with babywearing.


Babywearing is Comfortable

We’re creatures of habit. Not because we choose to be – but because we’re born that way. For nine months of pregnancy, what does your baby know?

  • Close connection with you.
  • Consistent, gentle swaying while moving.
  • The calming sound of your heartbeat is always close by.

Being next to you is what’s natural. It’s what your baby’s used to and what they expect.

It’s easy to understand why babies get scared and overwhelmed. Everything – everything – in their world is new. Give your baby a sense of familiarity through babywearing.

Let your little one feel the ease of security by giving them something they know.


Help Your Baby Fall Asleep

Is sleep on your baby’s radar? Or does your babe fight sleep harder than the heavy-weight champ defending his title?

It’s no secret that sleep and babies tend to go together like oil and water. And if you’re like nearly every other parent in the world, you’re willing to do whatever you can to get your baby to sleep… *even for just a little while*.

Babywearing soothes babies to sleep naturally.

Without knowing it, you rock and sway while you walk. Use this ordinary movement to your advantage. Wear your baby in a baby carrier while you walk around. Let your body’s movement help your baby drift off into a peaceful sleep. 😴

Even better – you don’t have to drain your arm muscles by rocking your baby to sleep. Strap your baby in and let your natural movements do the work.


Babywearing Reduces Reflux

Does your baby have tummy trouble? Constantly spitting up? Gas pains for days? Babies spend a ton of time on their backs. Sleeping, lounging, swinging, using a play mat. All on their backs.

Spending this much time on their backs can cause gas and acids to build up in their bellies. The extra acids lead to vomiting, coughing, and breathing problems.[1]

Extra gas causes bloating and stomach pain.

Instead of letting your baby suffer through digestion issues on their back, let gravity work in your favor.

Babywearing lets you keep your baby in an upright or elevated position. This helps food to pass through the body more easily. Also, this prevents the buildup of unneeded acid and gas. 

Keep your baby’s tummy happy and pain-free with babywearing.


Build Cognitive Development

Babies, even newborns, learn socialization from others. Watching and hearing you interact with others – or even yourself – teaches your baby from the earliest age what it’s like to communicate.

Your baby will learn to recognize your voice patterns and those of others. And the more your baby hears you talk, the easier it will be to develop speech.

Your baby won’t benefit just from hearing your voice, speech patterns, and vocabulary. It lets your baby see the world. Forget being cooped up in a stroller where your babe can only see the clouds and tops of trees. Babywearing gets your baby up close and personal with their surroundings.

Give them the gift of exploration and help build a curious little mind.


Hips Don’t Lie

Dysplasia is a common hip problem for newborns. [2] This is where your baby’s hips don’t form correctly and can lead to other problems like dislocation.

Babies can develop dysplasia and other hip problems from spending too much time on their backs and from being tightly swaddled.

Babywearing can help avoid hip problems if the carrier supports ergonomic positions that are appropriate for development.

Adjustable carriers grow with your baby and let you place their legs in different positions. Supporting proper leg placement helps keep your baby’s hips right where they need to be.


Babywearing Reduces Crying

Crying is the earliest form of communication. Babies cry when

  • They’re hungry.
  • They’re tired.
  • They need to be changed.
  • They’re bored.
  • They don’t feel well.
  • They just want to cry.

As you bond and connect with your baby, you’ll learn their different cries. You’ll easily be able to tell the hungry cry from the sleepy cry.

But what about the cries that aren’t fixed with diapers, food, and naps? How do you take care of those cries that can seem never-ending?


Solution: babywearing.

Babywearing provides constant connection and stimulation. Your baby won’t feel lonely or afraid because they’re connected with you.

Bored? Forget about it.  Babywearing offers constant brain stimulation as your baby takes in new scenery and sounds.

Babywearing also has the benefit of reducing colic. With the upright position and extra touch, babies who spend time in carriers are less likely to suffer from colic. It’s time to start raking in the benefits of babywearing.

You need a baby carrier you can trust.

The EvöAir benefits your baby from birth to three years old. Enjoy 8 different carrying positions designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Experience ergonomic support for you and your babe and give your baby all the benefits of babywearing.




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