How Do You Combine Breastfeeding and Pumping? Try These Five Tips

How Do You Combine Breastfeeding and Pumping? Try These Five Tips

How Do You Combine Breastfeeding and Pumping? Try These Five Tips

Congratulations, mama!

You’re breastfeeding your bundle of joy – giving that sweet babe antioxidants and immune system support from your body. And building an unbreakable bond between you and your little one.

Now that you’re moving along with breastfeeding, you’re planning ahead. You want to save every drop of your liquid gold so your baby can have the benefits even when you’re not around.


It’s time to start pumping.

But as a new mom, when literally everything is new, adding something else to your plate is scary. You want to start pumping but you’re not sure how to go about it. You know you’ll keep breastfeeding… but will doing both be too much?

Here are five tips to help you combine breastfeeding and pumping.

Get Your Pumping Essentials

Ok, it goes without saying – you need some gear when you pump. Your pumping essentials will make combining breastfeeding and pumping a breeze. It all starts will the right breast pump. 

Your breast pump should

  • Have the right fit. Pumping should mirror breastfeeding. If the fit’s not right, pumping breastmilk won’t work like it’s supposed to.
  • Be easy to clean. Cleaning and sterilizing your breast pump parts is necessary. Go for a pump with detachable parts so your time isn’t wasted on extra chores.
  • Have the bells and whistles. Single or double pumping. Multiple speed and suction settings. Your baby isn’t a robot – your machine shouldn’t act like one.
  • Be quiet. Your baby is in a nice milk-induced coma. The last thing you want is WAH, WAH, WAH, WAH, WAH from a noisy breast pump ringing through the house. Find a pump that gets the job done quietly.

You need a pump that makes combining breastfeeding and pumping a piece of cake.

Find your perfect pump with our Flöw.

Flöw’s got everything you need and then some – rechargeable battery, nipple tops for pumping bottles, designed by mothers.

What other pumping essentials do you need?

Besides a top-notch breast pump, other gear will make this a smooth transition. Keep these things handy[1]:

  • Nipple cream
  • Cold compresses
  • Heat pads
  • A cushion for your back
  • Storage bags for pumped breastmilk

Combining breastfeeding and pumping doesn’t have to be scary. We’re here to help with the pumping essentials to make your life easier.

Follow a Breastfeeding and Pumping Schedule

Moms *LOVE* schedules.

  • Baby sleep schedule
  • Feeding schedule
  • Potty training schedule
  • Playtime schedule
  • Activity schedule
  • Milestone schedule

If you don’t have every minute of your life scheduled, are you really even a mom?! 😉 Keeping in line with all the other schedules, you’ll want a breastfeeding and pumping schedule.

Pre-planned time schedules don’t work because no one knows your baby like you.

Use this schedule as an idea to get you started. Make it fit with your life and your baby.

  • Wake-up: breastfeed
  • One hour later: pump
  • Two hours later: breastfeed
  • One hour later: pump
  • Two hours later: breastfeed
  • One hour later: pump
  • Two hours later: breastfeed
  • Three hours later: breastfeed
  • Middle of the night: breastfeed

Follow a schedule that works for you.

Once you get into a routine of breastfeeding and pumping, you’ll learn what your baby and your body need.

Always listen to your baby and your body when making and adjusting schedules. Start with a plan and adjust when you need to. Because when has your baby *ever* followed a preplanned schedule to a T? The best way to make a breastfeeding and pumping schedule is to simply get start

Get it, mama.

Breastfeed On Demand

Yes, you want everything to be on a schedule. You want to have a tiny shred of control over your life. But here’s the thing… babies are on their own schedule. And the sooner we get with the program, the smoother our lives will be.

What’s the best way to keep your baby fed? Breastfeed on demand.

Need to increase your milk supply? Breastfeed on demand.

How to combine breastfeeding and pumping? Breastfeed. On. Demand.


Breastfeeding on demand will solve so many problems that come up.


So how does breastfeeding on demand affect pumping?

First – the more you breastfeed, the more milk your body will produce. If you’re going to be breastfeeding and pumping, you need more breastmilk.

You produce more breastmilk with baby stimulation. Ever started leaking when you hear a baby crying out in public? Yup, this is why.

More bonding time with your baby means more milk production. And there’s no better bonding time than the skin-on-skin contact of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding on demand will keep that milk flowing so you can save it for down the road. Oh, and keep your babe happy, too!


Pump Breastmilk In the Morning

Ahhh, sleep. Remember it? That long-lost luxury…Well, you’re not sleeping now like you used to. But even the little sleep you do get at night helps your breastmilk production. You’re more relaxed. Your body is *a little* more rested.

You’re ready to produce more milk[2].Take advantage of more AM breastmilk by pumping extra times in the morning.To combine breastfeeding and pumping, continue feeding your baby regularly. But, pump smarter, not harder.

Pump an extra session – or two, if you need to stock up – in the morning while you’re producing more breastmilk. Once you’ve doubled down on pumping in the morning, you won’t feel guilty about giving yourself a break in the afternoon.

Try pumping after each time you breastfeed your baby in the morning.This could mean three or four pumping sessions before lunch. Continue pumping multiple times each morning then reward yourself by only pumping once after lunch.

Your breastmilk supply will continue to grow because you’re taking advantage of the time when your body’s ready to let it flow.

Be strategic with your pumping. Pump in the morning. Chill in the afternoon.


Take Care of Yourself

Who’s driving this milk wagon? You are, that’s who! And if you don’t take care of yourself, the whole thing comes crashing down. It won’t matter how well you planned to combine breastfeeding and pumping.

If your body and health suffer, your breastmilk will suffer too.


Here are some self-care while breastfeeding and pumping tips.

Try a few. Try them all. You do you.

  • Rest any chance you get. Your body’s not going to have the energy it needs to keep producing milk if you’re set on “go” 24/7.
  • Snack for days. Breastfeeding a newborn means you need as many additional calories as you needed in the third trimester. Combining breastfeeding and pumping – you do the math.
  • Go hands-free. Find a pumping bra so you can do what you want while getting what you need.
  • Stay healthy. Drink that OJ. Soak up the Vitamin D. Walk and stay active. Maintain your health to maintain your breastmilk supply.
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself. You missed a pumping session. Your breastfeeding and pumping schedule changes every day. Your supply isn’t where you’d hope it would be. It’s ok… All the worries of this season will soon come to pass.
  • Steer clear of stressors. Stress isn’t just mental. It takes a toll on your body. Avoid stressful situations to keep yourself and your breastmilk supply healthy.

Follow these tips to make combining breastfeeding and pumping possible.


But most importantly, do what works for you.


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